Heater (170,000 Btu)

Tent/Construction heater burns Liquid Propane Gas (LP) 8 lbs/hr or Natural Gas (NG) 170 cu.ft/hr
$85.00 per 1 week(s)

Premier heaters can be used to provide heat or simple air circulation. The heater can be used inside, or the heat can be ducted in from the outside

  • Sugested Tank Size: 100lbs
  • Thermostat controlled
  • Fuel Consumption: LP 8 lbs/hr or NG 170 cu.ft/hr
  • Must have 115 volts of electricity, 15 amp

Trying to Figure out the Size of Heater you need? Use the heater manufacturer estimator



*** Heating duct or propane not included ***

** Pricing is based on a Customer pick-up/drop-off **

*Additional charges if you want us to set up and install *

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